Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wolverine review

expectations: very low
expectations met: mostly

I did not hate Wolverine nearly as much as i was expecting to. actually, i did not hate the first half of Wolverine as much as i was expecting to. the rest of the movie is like being forced to re-live all the parts of X3 that could have been great but ultimately ended up sucking. You would think making a cool film about wolverine is a no brainer. there's a ridiculous amount of material from his countless comic books to choose from and huge (yes, i wrote huge on purpose) jackman has shown that he can play the character with the respect and badassery he deserves. actually, the acting in Wolverine is the least of its problems. most of the actors do a credible job with the roles and lines they're given but none can overcome the general silliness that surrounds them. there's a cheese factor to the both the action and the dramatic moments in the movie that always stop it from living up to its potential and it feels like the filmmakers thought these moments were cooler and more important than they end up being on screen. the visual effects in wolverine are also worth noting because they are terrible and amateurish. the effects are so bad that they manage to make wolverine walking away from an explosion look stupid. and what was up with the crappy cgi on wolverine's claws? the cinematography is also pretty bland throughout, especially when you compare it to the first two X-Men movies, which i doubt anyone involved with this film actually saw.
i was surprised that i kind of enjoyed Liev Schreiber as victor creed. i think it's that voice of his, but i thought the way he runs like a gazelle when attacking looked ridiculous. gambit also didn't piss me off as much as i expected he would though he doesn't reach even a fraction of his coolness from the comics. my favorite performance, and it's a small one, is by kevin durand as fred dukes. something about the delivery of his lines is downright sincere. overall, this movie mostly sucked, was not quite good, and barely entertained.

here's something kinda fun to do: go to imdb and look up the resumes of the director, writers and cinematographers and tell me it isn't obvious that Wolverine was gonna end up being mediocre.


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